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The Prince’s Knight


A short story.  The heir to the throne has a sweet arrangement with his father’s knight, taking pleasure in secret rendezvous… Until emotions change everything.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden-in-Plain-SightA novella.  After being rejected by his lover, a young captain struggles to keep his secrets when he crosses paths with a dangerous—and handsome—magic user.

Adam, Captain of the Gyrfalcon, wants nothing more than to sail the seas with his closest friend, Henry, but to do so he has to hide his sexuality.  Now they’ve run out of money to supply the ship, a doppelganger of his ex-lover has popped up, and he uncovers a conspiracy leading to fist fights and magical battles with a handsome foe who endangers the friendship Adam holds most dear.

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Shell Game


A short story.

Things you don’t expect to find in a gay club?  The hot guy who is supposed to marry your sister next week.

Rhys already has enough on his plate, but he’s determined to find out what Will McGann is doing there.

Unfortunately, his methods get him in way over his head.